Production Workstation Design

Production Line Workstations and Work Cells

Custom workstations is one of our specialties, especially when you cannot find what you want from a catalog.  Furthermore, we can design/construct/assembly custom workstations for your company.  In addition, we have a fully functional machine shop, RD lab, and shop space to build your workstations here.  Equally important, Solution Based Engineering will work with you on specifications and options and create a workstation or line of workstations to fit your needs.

Coupled with our ability to incorporate tooling, work instructions, adjustable height, lights, shadow boards, and much more.  We have created workstations for a variety of industries and processes that has enables us to have had diverse exposure to a multitude of needs.  By the same token,  Solution Based Engineering will take this experience and your specific  environment and come up with solution for your that is turn key.

Our Capabilities

If you are interested in discussing your projects and ideas contact us at 360-224-9245 or email us through our Contact Page.