Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Many companies do not employ manufacturing or industrial engineers, but the discipline is needed. SBE provides this service and with our extensive background in Lean manufacturing, engineering, and process improvement, you can be sure our services and solutions will provide the improvements desired.

 Design for Manufacturability and Work Cell Design

 SBE can assist in designing lean production lines and work cells for new products coming out of the development phase.   We use a state of the art 3D simulation software allowing us to create entire factories both existing and potential new ones.  We can simulate flow, material movement, cycle times, volumes, etc.

We can help design entire factories, maintenance and machine shop departments.

Process and Flow Analysis

SBE can come onsite and conduct various process analysis services to capture the current state of your process and factory.  Clients can use this information to make various improvements to their flow and we can use this information for new production line or factory designs. Services can include

Tooling and Fixture Design and Manufacturing

SBE has designed and created a wide range of tooling and fixtures for a multitude of manufacturing companies who do not posses manufacturing engineers and simply need this service on a need only basis.  We can help design and build 1 off tools or be your ongoing source for fixturing as needed.

CAD Layouts

SBE can provide 2D drawings of any facility or office.  These drawings can be for conceptualizing new layouts, improvements to existing floor plans or offices, or even in designing new site all together.  We can use Rhino CAD or AutoCAD depending on the customer.

If you are interested in discussing your projects and ideas contact us at 360-715-2129 or email us through our Contact Page.